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List of Books

author = author
illustrator = illustrator
prize-winner = prize-winner

1928     illustrator Carnack, the Life-Bringer: The Story of a Dawn Man, Told by Himself
by Oliver Marble Gale
(Wise, New York)
1929     illustrator Tarzan and the Lost Empire
by Edgar Rice Burroughs
(Metropolis, New York)
1932     illustrator Magic Portholes
by Helen Follett
(Macmillan, New York)
1933   author illustrator One Day with Manu
(John C. Winston, Philadelphia)
1934   author illustrator One Day with Jambi in Sumatra
(John C. Winston, Philadelphia)
    illustrator Stars to Steer By
by Helen T. Follett
(Macmillan, New York)
1935   author illustrator One Day with Tuktu, an Eskimo Boy
(John C. Winston, Philadelphia)
prize-winner author illustrator All Sail Set: A Romance of the "Flying Cloud" -- Newbery Honor, 1936
(John C. Winston, Philadelphia)
    illustrator Carmen, Silent Partner
by Chesley Kahmann
(Junior Literary Guild, New York)

illustrator The Codfish Musket -- Newbery Honor, 1937
by Agnes D. Hewes
(Doubleday, New York)
  author illustrator Wagons Westward: The Story of the Old Trail to Santa Fe
(John C. Winston, Philadelphia)
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1937     illustrator Mistress Jennifer & Master Jeremiah: A Story of the Building of Old Ironsides
by Myrtle Trachesel
(Dodd, Mead, New York)
    illustrator New World Builders: Thrilling Days With Lewis and Clark
by Blanche Woods Moorehead
(John C. Winston, Philadelphia)
1938   author illustrator Little Eagle, a Navaho Boy
(John C. Winston, Philadelphia)
    illustrator Shuttered Windows
by Florence C. Means (Newbery Honor Book author in 1946 for The Moved-Outers)
(Houghton Mifflin, Boston)
    illustrator Hell on Ice: The Saga of the "Jeannette"
by Edward Ellsberg
(Dodd, New York)
    illustrator Brothers of the Frontier
by Russell Gordon Carter
(D. Appleton-Century)
    illustrator Through the Lands of the Bible
by H.V. Morton
(Dodd, Mead, New York)
    illustrator Klondike Gold
by Hubert Coryell
(MacMillan, New York)
  prize-winner illustrator The Story of Mankind [1921] -- Newbery Medalist, 1922
by Hendrick Van Loon
(Garden City Publishing, New York)
1939   author illustrator Lost Lagoon: A Pacific Adventure
(Doubleday, New York)
    illustrator Island of the Red God
by Leta Zoe Adams
(Rand McNally, New York)
1940     illustrator Boat Builder: The Story of Robert Fulton
by Clara I. Judson
(Scribner, New York)
    illustrator Teri Taro from Bora Bora
by William Stone
(Alfred A. Knopf, New York)
    illustrator Courage over the Andes
by Frederick Arnold Kummer
(John C. Winston, Philadelphia)
    illustrator Two Children of Brazil
by Rose Brown
(Lippincott, Philadelphia)
prize-winner author illustrator Call It Courage -- Newbery Medalist, 1941
(Macmillan, New York)
    illustrator Faraway Ports: Easy Growth in Reading
by Hildreth, Gertrude, et al
(John C. Winston, Philadelphia)
    illustrator More Adventures: Progress in Reading
by Ernest Horn, Maude McBroom, & Kathryn Smith
(Ginn & Co., Boston, 1940)
    illustrator People and Places:Progress in Reading
by Ernest Horn, Maude McBroom, Ruth H. Bishop
1941     illustrator House Afire!
by Helen T. Follett
(Scribner, New York)
    illustrator Nicholas Arnold, Toolmaker
by Marion Florence Lansing
(Doubleday, New York)
    illustrator Winabojo, Master of Life
by James Cloyd Bowman
(Whitman, Chicago)
    illustrator Tall Timber
by Stewart H.Holbrook
(MacMillan, New York)
    author Story Parade: A Collection of Modern Stories for Boys and Girls [Gold Book]
(John C. Winston, Philadelphia)
    illustrator Runaway
by Hildegarde Hawthorne
(Grosset & Dunlap, New York)
1942   author illustrator Bamboo, the Grass Tree
(Macmillan, New York)
  author illustrator Coconut, the Wonder Tree
(Macmillan, New York)
    author No Brighter Glory
(Macmillan, New York)
  author illustrator The Boy Who Was Afraid
(Lane, London)
    illustrator Ocean Outposts
by Helen Follett
(Scribner, New York)
    illustrator Night Boat
by Howard Pease
(Doubleday, Doran, New York)
1943     illustrator Dogie Boy
by Edith Berrien
(Whitman, New York)
1944 prize-winner author illustrator Storm Canvas -- New York Herald Tribune Children's Spring Book Festival Award, 1944
(John C. Winston, Philadelphia)
    illustrator Clipper Ship Men
by Alexander Laing
(Garden City, New York)
    illustrator Mystery at Thunderbolt House
by Howard Pease
(Doubleday, New York)
    illustrator Story Parade Star Book
Anthology includes two pages of black & white drawings by Armstrong Sperry to illustrate the poem "Ships of Free America" by James Tippett
(John C. Winston, Chicago)
1945   author illustrator Hull-Down for Action
(Doubleday, New York)
    illustrator Jungle River [1938]
by Howard Pease
(Doubleday, Doran, New York)
    illustrator Sky Highways: Geography from the Air
by Trevor Lloyd
(Houghton, New York)
1946     illustrator The Jinx Ship [1927]
by Howard Pease
(Doubleday), Tod Moran series.
1947   author illustrator Danger to Windward
(John C. Winston, Philadelphia)
prize-winner author illustrator The Rain Forest -- Boys' Clubs of American Junior Book Award, 1949
(Macmillan, New York)
1949   author illustrator Black Falcon: A Story of Piracy and Old New Orleans
(John C.Winston, Philadelphia)
    author Childcraft, Vol.5, Life in Many Lands
Anthology includes the short story "Ghost of the Lagoon"
(Field Enterprises, Inc., Chicago)
1950     illustrator Zebulon Pike -- Real People Series #3
by Faith Yingling Knoop
(Row Peterson, Ill.)
    author Indians, Indians, Indians: Stories of Tepees and Tomahawks, Wampum Belts and War Bonnets, Peace Pipes and Papooses
Anthology contains "Buffalo and Injuns," an excerpt from Armstrong Sperry's Wagons Westward (1936)
Edited by Phyllis R. Fenner.
(Grosset & Dunlap, New York)
  author illustrator The Voyages of Christopher Columbus
(Spenser Press, New York)
1951     illustrator The Story of Hiawatha
adapted by Allen Chaffee
(Random House, New York)
    author Pirates, Pirates, Pirates: Stories of Buried Treasure and Buccaneers, Corsairs and Cutlasses, Swashbucklers and Ships
Anthology contains "Black Falcon," and excerpt from Black Falcon (1949)
Edited by Phyllis R. Fenner
(Grosset & Dunlap, New York)
    illustrator Prince Henry -- Real People Series #6
by Jeannette Covert Nolan
(Row Peterson, Ill.)
    illustrator Johann Gutenberg -- Real People Series #6
by Elwyn A. Smith
(Row Peterson, Ill.)
1952     author River of the West: The Story of the Boston Men
Illustrated by Henry C. Pitz
A Winston Adventure Book
(John C. Winston, Philadelphia)
  author illustrator Thunder Country
(Macmillan, New York)
1953   author illustrator John Paul Jones, Fighting Sailor
(Random House, New York)
  author illustrator Captain James Cook -- Real People Series #7
(California State Dept. of Education, CA)
  author illustrator The Children's Hour Vol. 9: From Many Lands
Anthology includes "The Forbidden Island," the final two chapters of Call It Courage (1940)
Marjorie Barrows, editor
(Spencer Press, New York)
1955   author illustrator Captain Cook Explores the South Seas
(Random House, New York)
  author illustrator Pacific Islands Speaking
(Macmillan, New York)
    illustrator Secret of the Congo
by Charlie May Simon
(Ginn & Co, New York)
    author The New Basic Readers: The New Days and Deeds
Anthology includes "Jonathon's Buffalo" an excerpt from Wagons Westward (1936)
(Scott, Foresman and Company )
1956   author illustrator Frozen Fire
(Doubleday, New York)
1957   author illustrator All About the Arctic and Antarctic
(Random House, New York)
1958   author illustrator South of Cape Horn: A Saga of Nat Palmer and Early Antarctic Exploration
(John C. Winston, Philadelphia)
1959   author illustrator All About the Jungle
(Random House, New York)
1960   author illustrator All About Captain Cook
(W.H. Allen, New York)
1961   author illustrator The Amazon, River Sea of Brazil
(Garrard, New York)
1964     author The Story-Time Library: Adventure Stories
Edited by Pauline Rush Evans
Anthology includes "The First Test," an excerpt from Chapter 4 of Armstrong Call It Courage (1940)
(Doubleday & Company, Garden City, NY)
1967 prize-winner author illustrator Great River, Wide Land: The Rio Grande Through History -- Spur Nominee for Fine Writing of the American West by the Western Writers of America, 1967
Jacket by Ellen Raskin, interior illustrations by Armstrong Sperry
(Macmillan, New York)

Please note that these books are not for sale at this site. This list is provided for informational purposes only. If you want to purchase copies of any of these out-of-print books, I recommend searching some of the excellent used book sites on-line -- Bibliocity, BiblioFind, ABE, Bookfinder, & Powell's -- or see if you can land a bargain in an on-line auction at eBay or Amazon.com. Most of these titles regularly come up for sale, but you have to check in periodically for updated listings. Happy hunting, and I hope you enjoy my grandfather's work! --Margo