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The Rain Forest dustjacket

The Rain Forest

by Armstrong Sperry
Illustrated by Armstrong Sperry

John C. Winston, Philadelphia, 1944

From the dustjacket:

A journey of thousands of miles from San Francisco to the jungles of New Guinea would seem an extraordinary vacation to most boys of fourteen, but to Chad Powell it was not unusual, for his father was an ornithologist and hi had joined him in many strange and faraway places. Now Mr. Powell was deep in the Rain Forest looking for a rare specimen of the bird of paradise and Chad was eager to be with him.

Unexpected events kept Mr. Powell from meeting his son at Port Moresby, so arrangements were made for Chad to proceed to the jungle with the famed A.C.'s (Armed Constabulary), an expediction which led into high adventure among treacherous jungle passes, wild creatures and the dreaded Kuku-Kukus, a fierce tribe of wild natives. With his new friend Natua, the son of the native leader, Chad has many narrow escapes and exciting adventures. Before the story is told we find Chad safely with his father, the famed "King of Saxony" in hand, and best of all, with a good and trusted new friend, Natua.

Here is an adventure story with a strange and colorful jungle background, but more than that, it is the tale of two boys who find race and language difficulties no barriers to a fast friendship and an exciting adventure.

Ages 10-14

The Rain Forest was selected in the July 1947 issue of the Horn Book to be on their Honor List for 1947.

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