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Bamboo, The Grass Tree dustjacket

Bamboo, The Grass Tree

by Armstrong Sperry
Illustrated by Armstrong Sperry

MacMillan, New York, 1944

From the dustjacket:

Sun Yo lived in a bamboo house, somewhere on the banks of the Yantze River. His whole family made bird cages for a living and when the cages were finished, they loaded their junk with good things to eat and drink; then down the river they went, to Hankow, to sell the cages and have a holiday.

As Sun Yo watched a steamer loading bamboo he thought about all the wonderful uses of the "grass" tree. In his own country it provided houses, tools, furniture, fishing poles, boats and sails; its shoots were delicious to eat; its leaves made escellent raincoats.

This is the story of a small Chinese boy and of the great part the bamboo tree plays in the life of his people. Sun Yo did not know that in other countries far away, this bamboo was used for furniture, baskets, canes, parasols and many other things we all need. Perhaps your bird cage came from Sun Yo's country!

The endpapers of Bamboo:

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