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Danger to Windward dustjacket

Danger to Windward

by Armstrong Sperry
Illustrated by Armstrong Sperry

John C. Winston, Philadelphia, 1947

From the dustjacket:

"You may be sticking your head into a byke of wasps!"

With this phrase ringing in his ears, Hugh Dewar turtned anxious steps toward the house on the moor. Well he might, for had he known that he would find his uncle and his cousoin theives as well as near murderers, he might never have entered that house of mistrust. Hugh Dewar would have missed many an adventure at sea ont he ship Good Intent if he had not gone to seek his inheritance that night, and he would never have known Skip from Beacon Hill nor Rimatara of the South Seas. But he did go, and his story is the story of adventure on the sea in a Nantucket whaling ship, captained by the man who was his worst enemy, David Macy. So

"Come all young men men both near and far,
Who love the briny seas
When you're aboard a whaling ship,
Don't think you're at your ease!"

"Lower away" into one of the best sea stories you've ever read!

Something about the author:


Author of seven other Winston titles, Armstrong Sperry is a rare combination -- both imaginative artist and inspired writer. His brilliant word pictures abd beautiful color and black-and-white illustrations make his books unusually striking.

Mr. Sperry was brought up among the rocky hills of Connecticut and lived there for many years in a charming old farmhouse in sight of the sea. He is now a resident of New Hampshire and writes of the historic ship and sea eras of New England with the special touch that comes from his own rich background. Danger to Windward is a fine example of Armstrong Sperry's gift for story-telling and illustration.

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