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Storm Canvas dustjacket

Storm Canvas

by Armstrong Sperry
Illustrated by Armstrong Sperry

John C. Winston, Philadelphia, 1944

From the dustjacket:

The American coast blockaded from Maine to New Orleans. British ships-of-war cruising Long Island Sound, thicker than bones in a herring. These might have been the headlines in that dark winter of 1814 when Jason Cobb, the young hero of Storm Canvas, fled for his life from the inn called Spar and Binnacle. So vivid is this story of Jason's escape and capture, of his experiences aboard the U.S. frigate Thunderbolt, that you seem actually to be turning back the pages of history, meeting in person Captain Tom Blythe and Baron Dupuy; the fabulous King Christophe of San Domingo; tough-fibered sailormen and sinister traitors.

Sea battles, duels, the ruthless exactions of a sailor's calling during the war of 1812 -- all these pack a story which, we promise you, will hold your attention from the first page to the last. You'll follow the Thunderbolt's turbulent and triumphant course, and relish with keen pleasure the ocean-wandering wind which blows through these pages.

Armstrong Sperry is the author and illustrator of many popular books, for children and young people, one of the most recent being a winner of the Newbery Medal.

Something about the author


The author of six other Winston titles, Armstrong Sperry is a rare combination -- both imaginative artist and inspired writer. He comes from a long line of sea captains, and no one knows better than he how to give a story the taste of brine and salt. Brought up among the rocky hills of Connecticut, he lived there for many years in a charming old farmhouse in sight of the sea. Now a resident of New Hampshire, Mr. Sperry has had many adventures on land and sea, and his life has been a rich background for the stories he writes and illustrates so well. Here are some of his other books:

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