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Two Children of Brazil dustjacket

Two Children of Brazil

by Rose Brown

Illustrations by Armstrong Sperry

Lippincott, Philadelphia, 1940

Dustjacket, endpapers and 30 illustrations are by Armstrong Sperry. Some of the black and white illustrations are illustrative of the events in the plot, others are things are still-lifes of seafood, musical instruments, and a map.

From the dustjacket:

In the land of coffee, adventure is no farther away than your front door, especially if, like the Amaral children, you live on a great plantation near the jungle. -- There was the day when Joa and Tatu found the little wild pig injured by a fall into a pit and took him to the wonderful jungle doctor to be cured. Then there was the visit to of the peddler who brought them gorgeous wares and fascinating stories. Another time, on the way to their cousin's party, they were caught in a terrific tropical storm and had to take refuge in the Cave of the Great Snake. Most thrilling adventure of all, however, was the trip to Rio de Janeiro for the Carnival where everyone wore fancy costumes and for days the great city was turned into fairyland. This delightful story, written by one intimately acquainted with Latin America, is an ideal introduction for American children to the country and customs of their interesting Brazilian neighbors.

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