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All About the Arctic and Antarctic dustjacket

All About the Arctic and

by Armstrong Sperry
Illustrations by Armstrong Sperry

Random House, New York, 1957
All About Books #20

From the dustjacket:

The frozen wastes of the North and South Pole have always had a peculiar fascination for the rest of the world. Even the most scientific reports from these areas sound like the tall tales of a storytellers. For example, weather men have recorded Arctic temperatures as high as 100° in the shade and as low as 94° below zero. And bird-watchers testify that one Arctic bird flies from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back as part of its regular schedule. During the short hot summer, Arctic farmers have raised cabbages weighing 20 to 30 pounds. And visitors to the Arctic are held spellbound by the fantastic colors of the so-called Northern Lights.

What makes it possible to have such extremes in the Arctic and Antarctic? How have scientists learned these extraordinary facts about the ends of the earth? These are typical questions answered by Armstrong Sperry in All About the Arctic and Antarctic. With maps and dozens of illustrations to supplement the text, he has given a scientific report of weather conditions, rock and land formations, ocean currents, and plant and animal life at the North and South Pole. The facts of this book are amazing. The overall story is one that will be fascinating to readers of all ages.

About the author-illustrator of this book:

ARMSTRONG SPERRY was born and brought up in the rocky hills of New England. On one side of the family his grandfather and great-grandfather were sea captains; on the other side. men of the soil. Today Mr. Sperry lives in New Hampshire and is still aware of these conflicting strains in his nature. He thoroughly enjoys growing fine crops on a Vermont farm where he spends much of his time, but sooner or later he feels an irresistible pull toward the sea.

He has written three LANDMARK BOOKS that show this deep interest in ocean voyages and exploration: John Paul Jones: Fighting Sailor, The Voyages of Christopher Columbus, and Captain Cook Explores the South Seas.

For many years Mr. Sperry was a commercial artist. It was only later that he began to write the stories for children's books for which he has become to well known. To date he has written and illustrated many books for young readers, including Call It Courage, which was awarded the Newbery Medal in 1941.

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