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Jungle River dustjacket

Jungle River:

Dramatic Adventure in the Unmapped Jungles of New Guinea

by Howard Pease

Jacket by Armstrong Sperry

Doubleday, New York, 1945 [1938]

Armstrong Sperry designed only the dust wrapper for later editions of this one (the dustjacket above was on the 1956 edition), but the first edition has pictorial boards, pictorial endpapers (see below), and a four-color illustration opposite the itle page.

From the dustjacket:

In this new adventure story by the author of HURRICANE WEATHER, young Don Carter, arriving in Port Moresby to meet his geologist father, learns that he and his place have been lost in the New Guinea interior.

Against the advice of port officials Don goes up the Fly River in search of his father. With him on half-caste Hippo Legrande's trading schooner, Kana, are two Americans on mysterious missions of their own.

As the schooner penetrates deeper into the jungle country Don finds an increasing number of obstacles in his way. But he sails on beyond the last patrol station into unmapped jungle where head-hunting Papuans live, only to find himself lost in the jungle at the mercy of an unfriendly band of native hunters. Adventures follow in dramatic sequence as Don perseveres in his search.

Here is a book as exciting as the author's JINX SHIP, and with an unusual and fascinating background of tropical plantations, the daily life of equatorial natives and the weird and treacherous mangrove swamps along the jungle river.

The illustrated endpapers:

Jungle River endpapers

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