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Frozen Fire dustjacket

Frozen Fire

by Armstrong Sperry
Illustrated by Armstrong Sperry

Doubleday & Co., Garden City, New York, 1956

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From the dustjacket:

From the moment Pete Warner agreed to take young Bud Chandler on his expedition in search of medicinal herbs in the Mato Grosso country of the Amazon jungles, bad trouble began to hit the party.

And the trouble centered around half an ancient Incan treasure map which Bud owned and was determined to follow. Dom Pedro Solino, a sinister litle Brazilian, wanted that map and would go to any lengths to get it. Then there was Thomas Brown, a ruthless an unsavory character, who was the only foreman Warner could obtain for such a dangerous expedition.

Nevertheless, they started the perilous journey up the Amazon. What happened on that search for a fabulous treasure us a thrilling story, filled with adventures ranging from encounters with headhunters to deadly snakes, and the reader will be left feeling that he has spent a very harrowing month in the dark and mysterious Brazilian jungles.

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