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Black Falcon dustjacket

Black Falcon

by Armstrong Sperry
Illustrated by Armstrong Sperry

Holt, Rinehart & Winston, New York, 1949

From the dustjacket:

The year was 1814. Becalmed in the Caribbean while running the British blockade from New Orleans to Havana the ship lay helpless, a tempting prize during this last year of the struggle between Great Britain and the young American Republic.

"Mark what I say: the first sail sighted on that horizon means either John Bull or Jean Lafitte." So spoke the master of an armed merchantman to his sixteen-year-old-son, Wade Thayer.

The dreaded sail appears and John Bull it is!

From the moment shot and shell rake the American craft, this story of the dramatic events that climaxed the War of 1812 grips the reader's imagination

The crew of the American ship is imprisoned aboard the English frigate, but Wade Thayer escapes from the dark hold of His Majesty's ship. High adventure follows him to the camp of Jean Lafitte. He becomes Lafitte's emissary to the governor of Louisiana, offering the help of the band of freebooters in defending New Orleans against British attack.

How the proposal is accepted ... how the battle is fought, makes a blood-and-thunder tale. The suspense of the struggle of a young republic will quicken every teen-ager's pulse!

In BLACK FALCON, Armstrong Sperry has again demonstrated his ability to create a powerful, dynamic historical junior novel.

Something about the author ARMSTRONG SPERRY

ARMSTRONG SPERRY needs no introduction as an outstanding historical novelist for young people. His ALL SAIL SET has been termed one of the greatest sea stories since TWO YEARS BEFORE THE MAST.

Author of eight other Winston titles and recipient of a John Newbery Award for his outstanding contribution to children's literature, Mr. Sperry is a rare combination of both imaginative artist and inspired writer. His brilliant word pictures and beautiful illustrations make his books unusually vivid. Mr. Sperry comes from a long line of sea captains, and no one knows better than he how to give a story the flavor of brine and salt.

He was brought up among the rocky hills of Connecticut and lived for many years in an old farmhouse within sight of the sea. He is settled now in New Hampshire after a life of adventure on land and sea. Out of this rich background comes the special touch that has made his historical novels so enormously popular. BLACK FALCON is a fine example of Armstrong Sperry's gift for story-telling and for illustration.

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