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[Announcer] It's Carnival of Books


[Announcer] It's Carnival of Books, presented by the National Broadcasting Company, and here is your mistress of ceremonies, Ruth Harshaw.

[Harshaw]A very special welcome to Carnival of Books. Now boys and girls, Armstrong Sperry has written another classic sea story, John Paul Jones, Fighting Sailor. He's our guest today, and mighty proud we are to be presenting your again, Mr. Sperry. And this book is one of the Landmark Series, isn't it?

[Sperry] That's right, it is.

[Harshaw] And what is the other one you've done in that series?

[Sperry] I did the Voyages of Christopher Columbus, and I've just finished a new one about Captain James Cook, the great navigator.

[Harshaw] And after all, you are a writer of sea stories, and we're glad to know you're sticking to that because

[Sperry] Thank you

[Harshaw] You do a wonderful job.  A group of Brooklyn young people are waiting to talk to you, and uh, Armstrong Sperry, as you know, is famed as illustrator of his own books and winner of the Newbery Medal for his extraordinary gift as a storyteller, and we're, we think you young people are very lucky to be here to talk to him, and I'm sure he's