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The Wonderful World of Disney

Call It Courage

canoe on the lagoon

Terrific news! I have just found out (Feb. 21, 2002) that Disney is selling copies of a 1981 24-minute version of the video at their Teacher Store! (Product ID 68650) They are not cheap: $79 + $5 shipping -- but that's a typical institutional price for videos with the following license: "Disney videos sold in this catalog may be shown by nonprofit educational institutions (or their equivalents) for face-to-face instructional purposes. Purchase of videos also includes a license for transmission or broadcast within a single building or school campus, and for showing in connection with other nonteaching school-related activities, as long as no admission fee is charged. Transmission or broadcasting into or beyond a school campus or its equivalent is strictly prohibited unless separately authorized by Disney." [Quoted from the site] I have not seen this particular video yet, and would like to hear from anyone who has.

Original Disney Video BoxThe original commercial videotape is difficult to find because it is long out of print. It can be identified as The Wonderful World of Disney Double Feature, collector number 387V, and it features the two 47 minute adventure dramas Call It Courage & The Legend of the Boy and the Eagle (1973-Color-94 Min-All Ages).

One possible source of this tape that I have located recently is Facets Multimedia in Chicago, which sometimes has copies (#VHS-S08406) available for what I consider a whopping $119. That's about the most help I can give you to find a copy of your own.

Occasionally The Disney Channel on cable tv will rerun the full 47-minute version during its Vault Disney timeslot. To find out if Call It Courage is playing during any given month, go to the Disney Channel Program Guide look for Call It Courage. There is a place at their site in which you can search for it, and when it says it is not available, you can e-mail them to let them know you'd like to see it available again.

My grandfather was especially pleased that the filming was done on location in Polynesia (note the distinctive volcanic profile of Bora Bora in the image above), and that the actors were cast entirely from the native population.


Teleplay by Ben Masselink

Based on the book by Armstrong Sperry

Narration by Gerald Pearce

Produced & Directed by Roy Edward Disney



Don Ho

Film Editor:

Toby Brown


Robert F. Brunner


Herb Taylor

Production Manager:

Erwin L. Verity


For Cangary Limited

Field Producer:

Milas Himshaw


David E. Jackson

Production Assistant:

Carmen Ribera

Underwater Photography:

Wm. "Bumpy" Bell

Production Staff:

Brian Burton
Albert Walker
Fabian Mataihau
Tom Hinsha

Evan Temarii as 'Mafatu'

"Mafatu" played by Evan Temarii

Color by Technicolor

Copyright MCMLXXIII Walt Disney Productions

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