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Order a Copy of Call It Courage

Newbery Medal: Obverse

Call It Courage

by Armstrong Sperry

Newbery Medal: Reverse

You can order copies of Call It Courage over the Internet through this site, in association with Amazon.com. Prices do not include shipping and were current as of 05/02/21. Prices and availability through Amazon.com are subject to change.

Call It Courage (hardcover)

Call It Courage (paperback)

Call It Courage (50th Anniversary paperback)

Call It Courage (audio tape)

Esto es coraje




50th Anniversary Paperback


Audio Tape

Narrated by
Lou Diamond Phillips

Esto es coraje


Spanish translation by
Amalia Bermejo

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NOTE: In addition to trying Amazon.com/Bibliofind.com, I recommend Bookfinder (http://www.bookfinder.com) for finding out-of-print titles from book dealers across the US at reasonable prices. I've located just about all of my grandfather's books at their site with a simple search for Armstrong Sperry at one time or another.

AUDIOFILE Books on Tape

Many more of his books remain available as Books on Tape, which can be obtained via libraries and services for the visually-impaired:

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